Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Deni Roman

Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Calgary, A.B.
May 22-24, 2020


12:30-1:30pm break


Deepening foundations

Develop your home practice

Gain inspiration and insights

For All Levels of Students

Location Calgary Canoe Club

7305 Crowchild Trail SW

Bring with you the following:

Yoga Mat, 1-8’ Yoga belt, 

2 Standard Blocks, 3 Yoga Blankets, notebook and pen

I truly loved your Calgary workshop!! Thank you for coming all this way, sharing your amazing knowledge, and teaching us to make yoga such an integral part of our lives!! Your gift of yoga and wellness ignites a light in our lives and is so appreciated. -Patricia Denis, Canada 

Just returned from a week of practice with Deni at Maui Yoga Path including a 3 day workshop. What at incredible experience. Deni's instruction and teaching is second to none. A very rare combination of alignment, instruction and spirituality. She is one of the best, if not the best Iyengar yoga instructor in the country. - Jon, CO


The precise and detailed instruction in asana and pranayama of the Iyengar method has brought clarity and understanding to find balance, peace, and purpose in her life.From decades of daily practice, Deni possesses a boundless energy to share her knowledge through her teachings and motivate her students to develop their own personal yoga practice to make life changes.Whatever your age, level, or ability, Deni will guide you to become aware of your present condition and help you move forward towards a life of peace, harmony, and complete health. Her teaching style is clear, detailed, motivating, and transforming. Through your own experience with Deni, you will know that her teaching comes from her heart. Her love of sharing herself through teaching is a gift to all of us

Testimony from November 8-10, 2019 Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Greetings Deni, Last weekends workshop was very good  for me and different in two very significant ways. First it was foundational. We have done these before but the temptation is always to throw in some advanced poses which can be a little intimidating for beginners and for people who are ageing like me. They are also a big time sync. I cannot believe what we accomplished in those 4 hour periods. Second, your use of Kristan and Lani to demo and assist with many of the poses was very well received because it allowed you to circulate, to encourage new students and to make the corrections you wanted with respect to teaching foundational alignment. All in all a very comfortable group to be with.

Best wishes, - Mark