We learn together and uplift each other!

Aloha Deni, I am so incredibly blessed for the many years I have taken yoga classes with you. This year was really remarkable and now in hindsight I know just how remarkable. When I left Maui you were still teaching but no props. The next week you closed the studio. I walked away this year stronger in many ways then I have been in years only arrive home needing draw from all of that strength to movement through this  very new time I hear your words everyday about the impermanent of all that is life here on earth.  I was as if you had reached a head and know the words and movements we would best need at this time. I am beyond grateful to the gift of you in my life. Be well! - Priscilla

Deni, I have to say I totally enjoyed your classes and learned so much from you. I have incorporated many cues already into my practice and my hips and back feel so much better. You are an amazing instructor and provide so much knowledge and insight to your students that help them in all aspects of their lives. I truly hope I am fortunate to come back and practice with you again!! Namaste, Michelle

Just returned from a week of practice with Deni at Maui Yoga Path including a 3 day workshop. What at incredible experience. The studio is spacious and welcoming with some of the best views you can imagine, with the location being directly on the ocean. Deni's instruction and teaching is second to none. A very rare combination of alignment, instruction and spirituality. She is one of the best, if not the best Iyengar yoga instructor in the country. Very grateful to have met Deni and Maui Yoga Path. Can't wait to return. -Jon, Vail CO

Greetings Deni, last weekends workshop was very good  for me and different in two very significant ways. First it was foundational. We have done these before but the temptation is always to throw in some advanced poses which can be a little intimidating for beginners and for people who are ageing like me. They are also a big time sync. I cannot believe what we accomplished in those 4 hour periods. Second, your use of Kristan and Lani to demo and assist with many of the poses was very well received because it allowed you to circulate, to encourage new students and to make the corrections you wanted with respect to teaching foundational alignment. All in all a very comfortable group to be with. -Mark, Canada

I truly loved your Calgary workshop!! Thank you for coming all this way, sharing your amazing knowledge, and teaching us to make yoga such an integral  part of our lives!! Your gift of yoga and wellness ignites a light in our lives and is so appreciated. -Patricia, Canada

Yoga enthusiasts, or even those simply wishing to get started, will love the Mana Kai. Not only can you holiday on one of the loveliest beaches in Hawaii, but you can simultaneously maintain a high-quality yoga practice with Deni Roman at Maui Yoga Path. This gorgeous studio is situated in the bottom of the Mana Kai building, overlooking the beach. No matter what your level, you will be accommodated by Deni who has decades of experience as an Iyengar Yoga teacher. She provides incredible insights drawn from her regular training in India - and will do her very best to help you deepen your practice and learn something new each time you attend one of her classes. Deni is caring and truly dedicated to challenging students to positively transform their lives through yoga. All this while watching the whales and swimming with the turtles when class is over! Too good to be true? Believe me it is not - I have just finished my fifth yoga/beach holiday at Mana Kai and I’m keenly anticipating my next visit. - Kate, New Zealand

Aloha Deni, a brief "Thank you" note for your teachings in Yoga this morning. It was quite a journey that you‘ve taken us on and guided us through all the different stages. Thank you so much for all the details and steps to help us to get up with our legs and head down (inversions) and for pointing out the connection between pelvis and the balance while we invert. And besides thinking about arms and ankles/hands/fingers, the pelvis and the legs help to find balance in the pose. -Baerbel

Thank you for the wonderful experience of practicing yoga over holidays. I wanted to continue with yoga while in Maui and I am so happy I got to learn from Deni and Kristin. The classes were so professionally taught it made me keep coming back! It’s an amazing space and the energy is incredible. Supportive and unpretentious teaching that is very skilled at verbal instructions 10/10 Thank you, Namaste! ,Barbara

Deni Roman is the best Iyengar yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She is thoughtful and caring, with great knowledge. Deni has the uncanny ability to step into a class of all skill levels and reach each individual in the class and improve their practice. She is great for beginners, people with injuries, as well as advanced students.  I stumbled across her studio the first time I came to Maui 7 years ago, and now her classes are the main reason I return to Maui. I attend at least 2 of Deni's workshops every year and always gain new insights and a renewed commitment to yoga. If you have the chance to take one of her workshops, it will really enhance your practice and maybe even your life." Thank you for the great workshop. -Donna

I just feel compelled to share with you how thankful and grateful I am for my health and for the practice of Iyengar Yoga. Walking into your studio last year has turned out to be one of the most profound days of my life. It has truly altered the course of my life. Amazing how life works sometimes. I just finished practicing Iyengar every day for a year and I my body has completely transformed. Not only am I completely out of the pain I was in, but I’m doing things with my body that I would never have ever thought possible. Just as importantly, this practice is now part of my soul. -Jo, CA

Dear Deni, I am so grateful for the exquisite care and training you provided during my short, recent stay in Wailea.  My body continues to remember and practice some of the work you started. Strength, breathing, small moves with complete attention. I was Lucky to find and experience your deep background, direction, and talents. My husband remarked that if our time there, including your classes, was so good for my body, " then we should go more often!" I couldn't agree more. Hopefully, we can. Recalling your work often. -Lindy

"I wanted to thank you, Deni, for inspiring me to deepen my practice and go on an Iyengar teacher training course. You inspired me as you brought joy and freedom to Iyengar which in other classes I have not found." Thanks, Maria 

We were sitting around the table last night saying what we were most thankful for this year, and I just feel compelled to share with you how thankful and grateful I am for my health and for the practice of Iyengar Yoga. Walking into your studio last year has turned out to be one of the most profound days of my life. It has truly altered the course of my life. Amazing how life works sometimes. I just finished practicing Iyengar every day for a year and I my body has completely transformed. Not only am I completely out of the pain I was in, but I’m doing things with my body that I would never have ever thought possible. Just as importantly, this practice is now part of my soul. -Jon, CO

Hi Deni, I want to thank you again for your Calgary workshop. You created three days of yoga, multilevel, balanced and profound leaving us with new knowledge. Thinking about the time, I realized that you had worked completely without notes and moved effortlessly through many asanas. Truly a masterful teacher. I deeply hope but also intend to arrange my life so that I will be in Maui this November or January. I can't think of any single thing that I do that moves me as much as my yoga practice. -Pat

Aloha Deni, I just looked at my journal entry after your workshop last year and my progress over the year exceeded my expectations.  Though I've taken many intensives, workshops, and classes over the past 12 months, your voice is the one that I hear the most -- especially on my mat at home but also off my mat lining my feet up in elevators or covertly stretching at my desk. Thank you for another inspirational intensive workshop this Spring.  You've given me a lot to work on.  I appreciate your safe padmasana tips and allowing photos for reference.  I have added this (and much more) to my daily home practice.  I may never get there but at least I will enjoy my safe journey.  -Brenda Deni,

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in Calgary. The weekend provided us with tons of new knowledge and more importantly inspiration. You are an amazing instructor and person. We are so blessed that we have met you. Meeting you has set us on an Iyengar Yoga journey. This new journey is about much more than becoming flexible, it’s about becoming a stronger and more well-rounded person. We have really felt the impact of your teachings on our home practice already.  All week, since our return from Calgary, we have noticed that the tips and pointers you gave us during the workshop have transformed each asana.  We have also enjoyed the variations and new asanas that we learned during the weekend.  A side note from Laina: I am so grateful that you supported me in doing my first headstand.  I have always been intimidated by this pose, but really wanted to be able to do it.  Your skillful teaching has given me the confidence to do this pose and feel strong while in it.  Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you in Maui. - Jon and Laina

I just can't say enough about your classes Deni. The level of instruction is top notch! I feel so blessed to be able to participant in your classes while I'm here. The knowledge continues! I especially want to thank you for the personalized instruction we received today! You are awesome, Deni! -- Valerie

Thank you so much, Deni. You have added so much to my practice right now. Many blessings to you! -  Tara

Thanks for all you give Deni…. You’re a wise and wonderful teacher and I’m grateful. Namaste Lucinda

I attended a yoga on the beach class recently ( there were three of us two guys and one gal). I have been doing yoga for two years now in a big gym environment where many levels are taught in one class. After just one class I can see you have great attention to alignment and detail and I could learn much from you. Hopefully, the wife and I will be able to come back for a week and study with you. It must have been awesome to practice in India and I bet you have some great stories to tell. I will have fond memories of having grass as my mat the ocean for music and being a bug banquet while in savasana. Mahalo, Jay 

Hi Deni, I came to a bunch of your classes in November, I'm the Brit working on a boat. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to deepen my practice and go on an Iyengar teacher training course. You inspired me as you brought joy and freedom to Iyengar which in other classes I have not found. Thanks, Maria 

Dearest Deni, So excited to pass on the personal growth that just easily came my way thru the Tao & you. So glad I got your teaching via DVD's & I took notes re #Journal,  #alter correction space,  #no yoga classes that may BE STRENUOUS for my nerves, #heels & hips back & down (toes too). Thank you for opening your heart & education to me.  I knew I wanted to mostly do yoga on my 8 day Maui visit,..but I didn't know I would run into someone as special as you (& your soul!) - Nancy 

I found your recent yoga retreat in Calgary extremely valuable and I continue to reap the benefits of what I learned last weekend. Thank you for the handout which I received today. Namaste, Claire

Dear Deni, I wanted to write and thank you for the experience you created for us all on the 3 Day Yoga Retreat… while my body comes to terms with all the places you took us and my head searches and finds deeper meaning, I am so grateful for the gift of your teaching. Maybe making connections is just universal randomness but I truly believe I was meant to stumble upon this gorgeous little yoga studio by the lip of the ocean nearly two years ago.  What you’ve created and what you bring to that space resonates so much with my soul and I was so glad to be able to spend three days in concentrated practice.  I love how you took us on a gentle but deliberate journey of the reaches of our body, mind, and soul… In Light on Yoga Sutras there is a reference to Iyengar’s exploration of “structural integrity” and the “subtle but necessary impact on the flow of energy and consciousness in the mind”.  You and the practice you lead really do bring that trio into play like I’ve rarely experienced with such authenticity before. Thank you, Veronica :) 

Good evening Deni, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your teaching today and to let you know my knee felt so much better after the class.  I absolutely enjoy coming to class and it’s obvious you are so attentive to all our needs even though we are a large group. I look forward to attending a few more class with you before I go back to Victoria, B.C. Sincerely, Lois 

I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration, work, and nuts & bolts. I’ve been practicing, using the photos we took, time, and the wall.  I’m able to work with the limitations (hearing “sit bones down, pubic bone and arches up” like a music track). I look forward to more study with you – the movement and yoga class inspiration found its way, like spring water through rocks, into my 6th and 8th-grade classes – those girls loved it!  What a gift that class was- thanks again. – Lisa, CA

Kihei residents are lucky to have a seasoned certified Iyengar teacher right on the beach. Deni Roman is the real deal. She has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. In other words, the Harvard of yoga schools.Maui Yoga Path is well equipped with props, so all you have to bring is yourself and your Tapas. Her class today was inspiring. She worked on poses that addressed tight hips, feet and neck issues. While doing so, she beautifully interweaved concepts from the Patanjali Yoga Sutra in easy-to-understand terminology. Deni teaches from the heart and coveys the wisdom taught by the source in B.K.S. Iyengar who passed away last year.You will notice right away in her class with the depth and attention to detail. If you have ever been frustrated in your Vinyasa/flow class about the instructor not teaching you how to do to the pose properly or not understanding correct alignment, then Yoga Path will teach you the right path in how to do the asana correctly and safely. When doing an asana properly, it is 10 times more challenging than just “flowing” in and out of the pose, so don’t view this as a less rigorous form of Yoga.This was the first time I practiced Iyengar Yoga with the beautiful ocean right out the door. Beautiful instruction, beautiful sequencing, beautiful scenery. It doesn’t get any closer to paradise in my book. –Michael, HI

Deni Roman, from the Maui Yoga Path, is the best Iyengar yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She is thoughtful and caring, with great knowledge. Deni has the uncanny ability to step into a class of all skill levels and reach each individual in the class and improve their practice. She is great for beginners, people with injuries, as well as advanced students. I stumbled across her studio the first time I came to Maui, and now her classes are the main reason I return to Maui. If you have the chance to take one of her workshops, it will really enhance your practice. Her studio, which overlooks the ocean, is beautiful and well-equipped.- Donna, Canada

The Maui Yoga Path is located at one of the most wonderful beaches on Maui. The studio provides all the props you need for practicing Iyengar Yoga and offers a lot of space. Everything is very well organized and in very good condition. But even more important for me is that the Maui Yoga Path truly transformed my life into an even happier and healthier person. When I entered the studio, I was welcomed by Deni Roman with a very warm Aloha. She wanted to know about my health conditions and I told her about my shoulder, neck and lower back problems and that I had to give up some activities that I loved so much, like running and playing tennis. Deni Roman’s classes helped me tremendously to get better in many ways. Each day that I came to Yoga class (4-5 times a week) made me feel better and very soon I could run again. My whole body is in much better shape, better than ever (and I thought I was an active person.) I have been a Yoga student at the Maui Yoga path for many years now and I love it and appreciate Deni’s way of teaching which is very detailed.That helped me to go deeper into my body and to understand the connection between body and mind and spirit. I am learning so much and can only say: Thank you big time, or as we say in Hawaii Mahalo nui loa!!! I am looking forward to my next Yoga class at the Maui Yoga Path with Deni Roman and her team of fabulous teachers !!! -Baerbel

Hi Deni, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the three days of Yoga in Vancouver. I am so glad that Terry convinced me to attend.  I have managed to incorporate some of the things I learned from my personal training and my clients all love it, so thank you. Hope to see you the next time I am in Maui. Namaste, Joan

Hi Deni, Thank you so much for everything. While sore, I feel and see the new information and healing potential for my knee(life). I am always so happy to see and practice with you. You are a true gift. xoxo Nancy

Hi Deni, Thank you so much for your lessons and the gift of the Iyengar practice that you have introduced to me. It has given me so much meaning and purpose to how I think to feel and move. Have a wonderful trip to Canada! Truly grateful, Rosie

I recommend the Maui Yoga Path to anyone traveling to Maui. There is any number of Yoga studios on the island but there is none more professional, or in a more beautiful location, than Deni Roman’s, Maui Yoga Path studio located on the ground floor of the Mani Kai Maui in South Kihei. Deni is an Iyengar Yoga instructor with many years of teaching experience. She welcomes new students as well as those who return to the island and take her classes year after year. She pays close attention to each student and, if necessary, recommends asanas they might continue to do to strengthen their bodies and make them more flexible. Quieting the mind and focusing on while practicing asana with the sound of the ocean in the background is a memory to take home after vacation time ends. Iyengar Yoga is based on the alignment of the body in the joining of body, mind, and spirit. Deni Roman’s Maui Yoga Path infuses the feeling and spirit of aloha to the practice of Yoga. Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Maui Yoga Path studio when you come to Maui.- Alicia, SF

Dearest Deni, You are full of color and light. I thank you for guiding me through this journey. I have connected with parts of myself that I have not honored in for too long. I feel full of inspiration gratitude and hope. Until we meet again…Erin

I took yoga with you this past Winter. Oh how funny, when I saw your Facebook page and you had backbends. I had the intention to thank you for pushing me this Winter in Urdhva Dhanuransana. It is again “back bend week” in our yoga rotation and I think of you and thank you when we do “independent” backbends. (no belt…yikes) You pushed us and I got through my thoughts that “I can’t do it”. Thank you for your dedication to yoga and wonderful classes. May you be well on your path. Namaste Deni. –Barb

Hello Deni, Your workshop you offered was food for the soul. All the thought and work you put into giving of yourself, I thank you and am grateful. Indigestion and uncomfortable feeling after I eat have gone. Thanks for guiding me to see where I had to remember that relaxing more and practicing with contentment takes me deeper. It is so wonderful to have those moments that fill me with gratitude. Namaste Barbara

Hi Deni, Thank you for the attached information. I really benefited from your workshop and look forward to attending again next year. –Doris

Dear Deni, Thank you so much for opening our eyes to the benefits of yoga. We have enjoyed your classes so much and hate to miss them. We will see you next year. So happy we bought your DVD. – Betty & Bob

Dear Deni, I wish to take this time to sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge with me during my vacation. I consider myself to have been so fortunate to have had you as an instructor to broaden and enrich my yoga experience and life. You have taught me so much and made me love and strive even more to continue with yoga to enlighten and strengthen my life. My practice has been enriched by you and you have made me understand the importance of daily practice to reach for my own inner spiritual contentment. To reach a higher level. To see life through Mr. Iyengar’s wisdom is truly inner peace and strength. You have passed this to me. I miss you and your classes and I can hardly wait to return next year to continue my journey with you. I have returned to my class here in Prince Albert tonight and I continue to practice daily. Your video is a great way to help me too. I will follow your website and look forward to your email updates. Take care. Until we met again. Mahalo. Namaste, Barb

Hi Deni. As I practiced yoga on a cool rainy day in Regina this morning, I thought of my classes in your lovely studio looking out to the ocean. You were a wonderful teacher and I look forward to seeing you next March. Have a great time in Canada – I’m hoping it will be warm and sunny for you. Bye for now, Sharon (shoulders back and down)

Hi Deni: I am back in Doha; reviewing my month (Dec) in Maui with my sister Marsh I know a highlight was attending your Yoga classes. I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style, your knowledge and obvious ability to enable those in your class to develop and grow to not only be more physically flexible and strong but to be more tuned into their inner directive voices. I am so sorry I do not live in a place I can carry on attending your classes. Happy New Year! If I do hear of any means for you to spread your knowledge here I will certainly call.–Elaine

Dear Deni, A friend of mine sent me this message about the wonderful women and teachers of Yoga. I am sure you know all of them and have heard this before but as they mentioned you a teacher in Pune too I wanted to share this with you. What they say about the teachers is so you. It is all about knowledge and good training. Few i think truly appreciate your special knowledge and teaching but I feel all of them as well as myself feel and experience the inner evolution of consciousness as you talk and remind us of the 15 points in our body we need to concentrate on.You are the best and I am so happy to have started Yoga now that I am retired.You should be added to this list of people who teach yoga right. Love Marian

Hi Deni, Thank you for sending our follow up the package!, You do such wonderful work. I wanted you to know just how much you have inspired me to follow the Yoga path. Since getting back home from our workshop I began my yoga practice, day one was Tuesday morning 21st of May before work, I have not missed a morning yet. Have also managed 2 after work sessions as well. One of the great things about Yoga is its portability so there are very limited excuses for missing some form of practice going forward!. I have realized a profound shift in the way I now experience my life at work and at home as well as out in the world. It brings me a great inner and outer clarity, something I have yearned for but found difficult to maintain. I can see that there is no destination but its a lasting journey. Recently an employee at work commented on a noticeable change in my posture (much needed). I have gently planted a few seeds for others to consider and tell my Yogurt story often. However, as you have said before Yoga comes to you when you are ready. Hope all is well with you and our beloved Maui. Thank You Again! Until our paths cross again–Murray

Hi Deni, I got some very valuable things from the workshop! One of the most important is about trying to be more in the present and not being on the to-do list or whatever else is going on in my head. It’s extremely important for me and my relationships to not be so preoccupied and instead to be there. This wasn’t an intellectual concept for me….I experienced it and I am aware and I can catch myself and try and change it. I’ve been doing it today with my family and I am so grateful that I can try and do something about this….because they (and I) have suffered because of it. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I feel like I have taken you in, I have you inside me. I can “hear” some of the things that you were telling us. I can connect with you even though you are not present because of the way you contacted, communicated with me/us (because I heard other people saying this too). So thank you, Deni, so very much!!!!!! Also, I would like to share some things with the group as I really appreciate their ability to articulate so much of what I was unable to do in the moment. It was a wonderful group and I hope we get to see each other again next year! Love, Judi

Hi Deni, I always say to myself, “I don’t know what I don’t know”. It sounds simplistic, but there is a lot of truth in it. When I study with you in your class and in your retreat you always help me discover what I don’t know about my asana, my body and myself. It truly is like peeling the layers of the onion, as you so often say in class.What you don’t say, and I would like to, is that you guide the student with love and light to those layers that lay dormant, hidden, unknown.“I don’t know what I don’t know”, and that is one of the many reasons I continually show up on my mat in front of Deni Roman! Thank you for lighting the way on my yoga journey, for providing illumination. With deep gratitude, Katherine

Hi Deni, Thanks so much for the email and the back-bending asanas! I have certainly been thinking about you too and missing my yoga classes and your wisdom and perspective. I am very grateful for all the positive changes in my life that resulted from your workshops and classes. I have been back at work 3 days now, it’s all good – I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal so I’ll focus on all the good things in my life (makes it easier to transition from being in Maui and going to yoga every day!) Hope all is well with you – and I hear your voice whenever I catch myself slouching. Thank you so much for all of your wisdom. It meant so much to be to be able to practice with you again. Much love, Donna

Hi Deni. Thank you so much for inspiring us to continue with Iyengar yoga while on holidays. We had an AHA moment that this is our next journey to body wellness. –Rhonda

Hi Deni – I have studied Iyengar yoga for over 20 years on and off, with William Prottengeier in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and he is a very good teacher and outstanding practitioner. So I feel qualified to make some Iyengar yoga judgments! I wanted to tell you in writing how much I appreciated your teaching skills during the weeks I have been on Maui. Your explanations of the foundation work have been easy to understand, right on target, and I feel like I have made great progress. I attended a couple of your core conditioning classes too, and was thrilled that I had so much relief of discomfort afterward in my neck and shoulders! It is not easy for me to ”let go” and do dance type motions, having been a completely non-dancing type most of my 69 years, but my dance efforts were rewarded, thanks to your nonjudgemental attitude and encouragement. I am persuaded that Iyengar yoga and your core conditioning class are as good or better for arthritic neck problems than the physical therapy and massage I have recently experienced. Thanks for making my Maui experience so interesting and healthful! I also appreciate that you make a sincere effort to connect personally with each student. – Andrea

Aloha Deni, Mahalo for this morning’s class. I appreciated your skillful “eye” and the hands-on adjustments you performed on me. Your ability to recognize how asana can be enhanced allowed me to experience my asana on a deeper level. Mahalo nui loa, Janie

Hi Deni, I just wanted to write and thank you for all your great instruction which has been so helpful to me in everyday life and in my running. I went for a run yesterday with your voice in my head, ” thighs and knees back, extend the dorsal spine, buttocks down!”, and had one of my best runs since beginning my rehab and resumption of running. So it really makes a difference to me and I really appreciate not only what you do, but how you do it, clear and concise… Best Regards, Bill

HI Deni, I came to some classes and had a private with you in Sept. Many people ago for you probably. I really appreciate what I received from you but I haven’t acted on too much of it yet. Think of you almost every day. I am listening to Light on Yoga and recently went to the Iyengar Centre here in Victoria. I am hoping to see you in the spring in Vancouver. Hope you are well. Thanks for all you shared with me. –Judi

Hello Deni, I was there in October and took 2 of your classes and loved them I was wondering where I could purchase the blankets and a bolster that was used – I will be ordering a DVD in a few days the Yoga Core Conditioning one my only regret is that I had to come home and that I didn’t find you sooner during my stay. When I return – (someday) this will be one of the first things I do – come for more “therapy” for my mind, body and soul you were a wonderful teacher and I thank you for the lessons. –Mary Beth

Aloha Deni! It’s Julie from Vail, Colorado. I came to some of your classes last month in Kihei. I am really missing the Iyengar practice. We talked about how there are no Iyengar classes here in my community. The closest studio is in Denver, 2 hours away. Do you have any ideas for me? Is there a great DVD series I could do or should I just work through Light on Yoga? I feel Iyengar is the best practice for my body and I want to keep it up. I enjoyed your classes so much. Thanks for everything. I’m so glad I found you. I hope you are great. I wish I lived there then this would all be just right! Joyfully, Julie

Thank you for the amazing peace and serenity you have given to me while I was on Maui in April. Your class released heat from my hips that had been giving me pain for MONTHS!!! Amazing light…well studied yoga studio…healer!!!–Maggie

Lovely, well-stocked yoga studio offering excellent classes with Deni, a dedicated and competent teacher, trained directly by BKS Iyengar.–Gayne

Thank you so much for all the yoga classes and your friendship during my time here. What you have created with your studio and your teaching is very impressive and I was honored to have been a part of it. I am sure we will see each other again, hopefully, sooner rather than later. I hope you have a wonderful time in India! Love, Nancy

Thank you! Your students are like the flowers; different sizes, different colors, some hidden, some revealed. Some strong and sure, some a little weak at the knees. Some open, some closed. No matter the differences between the flowers, they are all thankful for the sun that nourishes them, help them grow, and helps them to be strong and sure. You are the sun to your students. Sometimes you are hidden by clouds, being time or distance, but you always remain our sun. Thank you for shining on us! Love, Katherine, and all your students

Hey D – I miss Maui Yoga Path. You got me started!! Nobody teaches tadasana like you. Your verbal cueing is so amazing. Thanks, Deni –Steve

Deni: I want to personally thank you for your instruction on the yoga path. I really appreciated your time in Maui that you spent with me and it was rewarding to be in Vancouver with you. I was so impressed that there were people of all ages at the retreat. It made me realize how yoga is for anyone who is willing to commit. Since I have been home, my husband practiced yoga with the DVD. He is very stiff, but if I can get him to do it more regularly, maybe he will come to your sessions when we return to Maui. Thank you for all you do. Laura

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful Yoga seminar. Your teaching has (of course) changed my life, my decisions first of all re Maui, and secondly my lifestyle. I do try to practice my Yoga several times a week and if I don’t I get cranky!! I tell everyone that you are the best teacher in the World! and I mean it – thank you again for your patience, your wisdom, and your dedication – and for just being YOU. Namaste, Sharon

Hi Deni…I want to thank you again for a wonderful yoga experience while visiting Maui last week. I am back in Southern California and I know I will return soon. I hope to take part in one of your retreats. You inspired me to get back to my regular yoga practice… Marlena

Thank you so much for all of your instruction an inspiration. It has made such a big difference in my life and I think about it and all you’ve said so much. For me, you and the Maui Yoga Path are Maui’s biggest attractions. And I hope to see you in Vancouver in May….Julie

Once again I want to thank you for the wonderful 5 days of yoga that I experienced with you at the beginning of November. I feel so blessed that I am able to spend time with you at my own personal “yoga retreat”. Every day I try to practice, spend time quietly reflecting/praying, and stay connected with myself. You have given me (and others) such a gift! Happy holidays to you and hope to be back in late April 2012…..Joni Leone

Dear Deni, Thank you so much for sending out such a wonderful email. I truly needed to receive your wise message this week. It helps to keep my focus and maintain discipline. I’m back in Oregon, studying away. I feel that many doors are opening for me right now and I have to keep working on self-improvement. I got all the yoga props you’ve recommended to me and now I practice on my own. I also take at least 4 yoga classes per week in the local yoga studio. Unfortunately, it is far from your level of education, but it still helps me to move forward. I would also like to thank you for valuable advice you gave me back in September. Being your student was an eye-opening experience and I hope to continue our friendship in the future. Namaste, Katerina

Thank you, Deni, for all your wonderful kindnesses and care to both Gerry and I. Gerry was doing a bit last week and will need to formulate a daily home routine ( which will definitely take a bit of work as the wheels are in motion). I am so appreciative of our time together. You are truly a gift.You so generously and graciously give, share and lead so many that all my experience, not only the Yoga path but also the life path by your knowledge and wisdom. A life journey of always thanksgivings and blessings. A heartfelt thank you. Take good care, God Bless Hugs and love Elaine

Deni, I want to tell you that as a kid I wore braces on my legs and have had trouble with my hips for years I think by you showing me how to bring my hip in maybe they will get strong and I will feel better. Anyway thanks so much and I will see you Monday, Sue

Greetings Deni, What a great learning experience I had last weekend at your workshop. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again for all your energy. Namaste, Julie

Hi Deni, Saw you back in June during my vacation….received a personal yoga program from you for my foot (s/p surgery). I am practicing the program and have returned to weekly classes. Also, set up a yoga room in my home. My foot is improving and more importantly, my energy is shifting….realigning w/truth. Thank you, Mahalo, Tracey

Hello Deni, I’d hoped to have another class with you but it’s not to be. I’m on my way home. If I think back to my many fine teachers, in many disparate fields, I find you in the top echelon! I honor everything about your teaching…the intelligence, warmth, integrity, knowledge, competence, heart, balance, generosity… Thank you so much! I will try to continue, knowing I’ll find some of these things in a teacher, but I very much doubt I’ll find them all. It has been a deep pleasure, and I hope the universe lets us meet up in May 2011 at your Vancouver Workshop. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in Vancouver. Sincerely, Valerie

Deni, Just a note to let you know my niece and I really enjoyed our first yoga class. I am glad she got to experience yoga at an early age and hope it will be an experience that helps shape her future. I appreciated the way you taught and the energy you brought to the room. I look forward to future classes. Thank you, Chris

Hi Deni, Just a quick note to say thanks to my teacher who inspires me and keeps me motivated to get on my mat each day. I am so happy that I was there this morning to do yoga with you. I went a little deeper today thanks to your teachings.My heart is smiling and it feels so good. Namaste, Barbara

I loved my work with you last Saturday morning on Maui. I am doing a spontaneous practice at home now to start my day – influenced by YOU! Thank you so much – and Aloha nui loa, Anita

Hi Deni, I really loved your yoga classes while I was visiting last week !! I will be back in six months and I will see you again. I told my girlfriends it would be a great place for a mini yoga retreat, Mahalo, Teri

Hi Deni…Michelle and I wanted to thank you for a great introduction to Yoga, and we are looking to continue working on it here in Calgary. Thank you for everything and see you the next time we are in Maui…Dan

Dear Deni…Thank you so much for an excellent retreat. I so appreciated your high level of knowledge and experience, especially the fuller teachings of yoga. I had several insights and am strengthened in my commitment to my well-being. I love the CD of chants. I was just saying how I needed some new music – this is perfect for exercising, just listening or chanting along. Thanks for a wonderful gift. It was really good for me to spend my birthday doing something healthy and spiritually focused on a group of other like-minded people. May you ride the wave that seems to be shifting things around for you. Many blessings of clarity and courage. Much aloha, Jasmine, Big Island

Dear Deni: Back in Montreal, I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciated your classes. It has been so much a wonderful experience and I feel that you transformed my life in many ways. For the first time in my life, I feel that I have the power to improve my physical strength and that I have a certain control over my polio condition regardless of the fact that the doctors kept telling me that I could never become stronger. Every time I heard this comment, there was a voice inside of me saying that it was not true but it was hard to feel that I was right against the medical establishment. Your love and dedication as a teacher gave me just what I needed to start believing in me and I wish to thank you again. By the way, I just love your CD music and I can’t wait to have your video. I am presently trying different yoga studios and I will not give until I find something suitable for my needs. Best regards and looking forward to seeing next December, Ginette

Hi Deni, I just wanted to thank you once again for you sharing your Yoga knowledge experience with me. Your classes were the highlight of my Maui trip.Marlene, Nevada

Hi Deni! I enjoy seeing what you are doing there in paradise. My brief time working with you over Christmas has served me very well. I returned to Seattle and committed to a regular yoga program beginning with two intro series. It has made a huge difference in my arthritic knees and general well being. I’ve also signed up for rowing 2x a week which compliments and is complemented by the yoga. So, I just wanted to say thank you again for facilitating my launch into a much healthier life. Have a great day Sara

I’ve learned so much from you in the short time I’ve been coming and as well as my family members that have joined me. Your amazing and have so much knowledge to share in a class that we don’t want the class to end. Thanks for such excellent yoga instruction and overall body wellness. I overheard you mention the other day about working on a DVD – I would very much be interested in purchasing one from you when it’s completed. Sincerely Lois

I am going to a yoga class this morning, looking forward to the pleasant exertion of stretching and strengthening my body. I see a third woman standing near the door, greeting students. Her black hair is pulled into a tight bun. She is wearing a black leotard, and her face and eyes radiate kindness. I say hello and ask her for her name. “Deni,” she says. Her posture is disciplined but relaxed and grounded, and her eyes reveal she is empathetic and perceptive enough to pick up on my nervousness. I feel better. Class starts with a breathing/meditation exercise, then we begin to move and stretch.Deni talks us into poses, she provides a wealth of instruction on body adjustments, yoga history and pose variations for those (like me) who need it. She circulates around the room, assisting many of the students individually and works with me several times, encouraging me and helping me get deeper into the poses. At the end of class, my body feels engaged and deeply relaxed. Aloha, Teresa

We have both been taking yoga classes from Deni for about five years. The Maui Yoga Path is the best yoga program we have ever been involved in and Deni is the best yoga instructor we have ever had. We, as well as other couples we know plan trips to Maui just for more of Deni`s instruction in this excellent program. We have taken many group classes at the Maui Yoga Path, which are remarkably geared to all levels. We have also been to retreats, workshops and had personal instruction in Deni`s program all of which were the most informative instruction we have ever had. We feel truly blessed to be able to participate in the Maui Yoga Path and have met many others who feel the same way we do. We feel Deni and The Maui Yoga Path are a real asset to the Mana Kai. Sincerely, Kris and Anji

Dear Deni, You have always been Mana Kai’sbest kept secret! Lucky for me, I found my way to your Maui Yoga Path a number of years ago. It was a life-changing experience. In all my travels, I have yet to find anyone with your knowledge and dedication. I eagerly look forward to spending my mornings in your classes when I am in Maui. How fortunate for the Mana Kai owners and guests if you ‘grace’ their marquis with your name. Much Aloha, Yolanda

Deni, I wanted to take this opportunity to express what a great spiritual teacher you have been for me. I am so grateful. The day I walked into the Maui Yoga path changed my life. Thank you for the time and effort you give to your Yoga lessons that helped me to connect to a deeper awareness of myself. I loved the asana practice you created each day for us. I always left class feeling lighter and happier. I take home with me the Maui Yoga Path and know I will hear you when I get on the mat. My teacher, enjoy the summer. Namaste, Barbara